Advertise πŸ“’ While You Drive. Let Your Vehicle 🚚 Do the Talking.

Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard that advertises for you.

Our specialty is creating killer designs and top-notch prints for your vehicle.

Please note that we do not provide installation services, only design and print services.

If you are a wrap shop owner or installer in need of a designer, head on over to our shop owner's page.

Frequently asked questions

- What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a marketing tool in which vinyl graphics, or decals, are applied to a car, truck, van, bus, trailer, or any other vehicle to advertise a business or add a custom look that grabs attention. They are also known as car wraps, vinyl wraps, auto wraps, or vehicle graphics. Simply put, they are mobile billboards. Because they are so effective, vehicle wraps have increased in popularity and continue to be a great way to draw people to all types of businesses.

- Why choose a vehicle wrap over other alternatives?

Industry analysts have researched the effectiveness of mobile billboards. A 3M Mobile Media Advertising Case Study had the following findings: 97% of survey respondents recalled the mobile ad, 98% thought the advertising created a positive image of the advertiser, and 96% thought fleet graphics had more significant impact than billboards. Vehicle wraps are also a one-time purchase instead of radio, television, and billboards, which will charge you for each time the ad is displayed or mentioned and for the duration of the ad. For a fraction of the price, a vehicle wrap gets more impressions on a daily and yearly basis than any other advertising method!

- Where can the vinyl be applied on a vehicle wrap, and does it damage my paint?

You can apply adhesive vinyl to virtually any smooth surface of the vehicle, even curved surfaces. You can remove it just as easily without any damage to the paint underneath.

- How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Vehicle wraps have a general life expectancy of about 5-10 years, even when exposed to rain, snow, and other harsh elements. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most from your wrap, which is why we use only the highest quality vinyl and laminate for all of our vehicle graphics.

- What is the turnaround time for a vehicle wrap design?

As soon as you outline the design criteria for your wrap, we work hard to provide an initial mockup within a couple of days. *

- I want to advertise my business with my vehicle, but I don't necessarily want a wrap.

That's ok! In addition to offering full and partial vehicle wrap designs, which give you the flexibility to cover as little or as much of your vehicle as you want, we also offer vinyl lettering, decals, stickers, door logos, vehicle magnets, and so much more! Call or email us today to discuss what option would be best for you. *

*Please note that we do not offer installation, only design & printing.

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